Start to sell flower online to any local Chinese customers

Bring your flower business to sell online through Xiaohongshu store, and WeChat Mini Program.

Start to sell flower online to any local Chinese customers

Know your needs to run a flower business

Matching your business model to the evolving shopping trends of local Chinese consumers.

  • Limited store traffic and bookingsLimited store traffic and bookings
    Limited store traffic and bookings
    Can't reach customers who don't shop at the store.
    Having a decided online store with automated inventory and collecting payment through WeChat Pay and Alipay.
    Add a link-in-bio to let customers see everything you sell.
  • Hard to predict inventory ahead of timeHard to predict inventory ahead of time
    Hard to predict inventory ahead of time
    Fluctuating demand highly reflected by holidays, like Valentine's Day.
    Set up an online store to sell seasonal floral or clearance.
    Use coupons and lucky draws to to sell more.
  • Hard to manage pre-orders and fulfillmentHard to manage pre-orders and fulfillment
    Hard to manage pre-orders and fulfillment
    Can't predict and pre-sell inventory to ensure sales before store open.
    Take pre-orders to fulfill custom floral; Set adequate inventory to ensure orders.
    Offer additional pick-up times throughout the week to cater customers who can't make it during the business hours.
  • Increasing demand for local deliveryIncreasing demand for local delivery
    Increasing demand for local delivery
    Same-day and fresh delivery are the biggest challenges.
    Enable local delivery and express shipping to local or online customers.
    Keep track of your business automatically in AllValue's dashboard for each order.

Connecting Chinese consumers with AllValue

Thrive your online business with solutions and support you need to succeed for any startups and brands.

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All-in-one dashboard
Any business needs you
have AllValue can do it all

Solutions you need to sell online to Chinese customers

Sell your flowers and gifts online.

  • Convert your content into orders on Xiaohongshu

  • Tap into a billion-level market with WeChat Mini Program

  • Create e-commerce websites to connect local and global consumers

  • Set up your mobile shopping website for social buyers


Marketing tools that
help you to sell

  • In-store Pickup

    Set multiple pickup locations to simplify stock management for chain stores.

  • Local Delivery

    Master local service by allowing consumers to place online orders with local delivery.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Easily recruit customers as promoters with powerful affiliate and referral tool.

  • Link-in-bio Tool

    Promote your business through all your social bio.

  • Membership

    Establish an online membership, managing subscription and rewards.

  • Lucky Draw

    Employ lucky draws to give coupons, increasing customer conversion rates.

  • Group Buying

    Initiate group buying to reach more customers, expanding revenue at once.


Everything you need
to get started

AllValue is an user-friendly e-commerce tool for Chineseentrepreneurs looking to expand their online business.

Localized Solutions
Support different type of business, covering retail, home appliances, flower and gifts.
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Local business managers in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles
New York, and Seattle provide localized communication and support.
Connect with local resources to facilitate your onlinebusiness.
Meet with AllValue

Participate in sharing opportunities with industry experts and peers, enhancing your industry awareness and competitiveness.

Helpful Resources

Account managers guide you through the process of setting up a professional account on Xiaohongshu application, live streaming activation, and WeChat Mini Program certification.

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Join the thousands of influencers, brands, retailers, startups building with AllValue.

How a Vancouver flower shop boosted orders by 268% through online channels?

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